Server Price India provides the user both servers and web hosting plans. We provide user servers of their choice ranging from 8CORE to 20CORE. The servers provided by us consists of high benchmark and we assured that it is not comparable within that price range. You are provided with redundant power supply and technical team with 24/7 customer support. We provide you number of different web hosting plans with assured instant setup. You are assured with 99.9% server uptime by Server Price India.

Our Web Hosting Plans

  • Virtual Private Server
    • 450 Monthly
      • 1 GB Memory
      • 1 Core Processor
      • Location: India/USA
      • 30 GB Disk Space
      • 1 TB Transfer
      • 24/7 Support
      • OS Linux

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  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server
    • 8899 Monthly
      • 16 GB RAM
      • 240 GB SSD
      • 8 IP
      • 24/7 Support
      • Effective Datacenter
      • Scalable
      • Gigabyte Connection

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  • Managed Dedicated Server
    • 11215 Monthly
      • 16 GB RAM
      • 240 Gb SDD
      • 8 IP
      • Full Root Access
      • Website Panel
      • 99.99% Uptime
      • 24/7 Support

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  • Smart Dedicated Server
    • 5799 Monthly
      • 16 GB Ram
      • 120 gb SSD storage
      • 5 Ip
      • Driver Support
      • Security Patches
      • Console Access
      • 24/7 Support

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Asus RS720 E7 RS12 Rack Server
Single processor
E5 2660 v2
64Gb Ram
12 3.5 inch HDD BAY
Customization Available
1,32,000 +GST
Asus RS500 E8 PS4 Rack Server
Single processor
E5 2678 v3
32GB Ram
4 3.5 inch HDD BAY
Customization Available
1,51,000 +GST
GPU Server ASUS ESC 4000 G2S Rack server
Dual Processor
E5 2680 v2
64 GB Ram
4 x Nvdia 1070ti GPU
2 U
Customization Available
310,000 +GST

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Why Choose Us?

Replacement warranty on servers

We provide you warranty and if your server gets damaged in the warranty period we assure you replacement service to keep your server preserved.

24/7 Support

We have experienced technical staff for you available 24/7 to overcome the glitches arises.

Instant setup for hosting plans

As soon as you clear your payment you are immediately provided with the domain names and your web hosting plans starts.

99.9% uptime

ServerPriceIndia assures you 99.9% server uptime. This will help you prevent any downgrade in working of the server.

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What is the Price of Basic Server Hardware and Server Hosting Plan ?

Our Basic linux VPS hosting plans starts from ₹450/month which Comes with

– 1 GB Memory ,1 Core Processor , Location: India/USA , 30 GB Disk Space ,1 TB Transfer, 24/7 Support.

Basic server hardware starts from 1,32,000 + GST which comes with

-Single processor , E5 2660 v2 , 64Gb Ram , 12 3.5 inch HDD BAY ,2U
Fully Customization Available


Do you Provide Dell/Hp server Hardware ?

No, we only provide ASUS Server hardware which are more preferable terms of performance and price. chat with our server expert to get full detailed guide about how to buy a server.

Do you Provide Tower server Hardware ?

No, we don’t provide tower servers.

What kind of warranty you provide with the Server Hardware ?

We Provide 1 Year Warranty on Rack Server which is extendable.

Do you Deal in refurbished Server Hardware?

No, we don’t deal in refurbished server but our rack servers prices are same as refurbished servers.

How am I protected from the hackers?

When you buy the server, you are provided with SSL (Secure Socket Layers). The SSL in a networking protocol which helps you to transfer your important or private files safely. It encrypts the links between the user and the web server.

How often would I need to back up my data?

You need not worry about the backing up of the data. We automatically back up your data at regular intervals and also your backed-up data is provided to you whenever you need it.

What if some problem arises?

We have technical support team available 24/7 at your service. If you go through any problem you may contact our technical team at any time and from anywhere

What if my server gets damaged?

We offer replacement warranty on the servers. If any server gets damaged in the warranty period the user is assured a replacement service in a day to keep your running your work smoothly.

How much does it take for a setup?

We provide you instant setup meaning as soon as you clear your payment you are immediately provided with the domain name and immediately your service is started.


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