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Server Price India provides you the best web hosting plans as well as server plan across India. We also provides you the servers as per Your requirement and Needs


We provide you variety of processors for your server starting from 8 CORE  PROCESSOR, 10 CORE, 12 CORE, 16 CORE, as per one’s requirement. Also compared to other websites we provide we provide you high benchmark (ratings given to the server according to the performances and features; higher the benchmark more efficient is the server) servers with minimal rates.

Our Skills & Expertise

We provide you several amazing features which will ensure you to buy from us. We have replacement warranty therefore we ensure the replacement service to the damaged product under warranty period to keep it preserved. Secondly, we have 24/7 experienced technical team support for you if you come across any circumstances. We also provide you with redundant power supply which means we provide you servers containing two or more power supply units powering whole functions of your server efficiently. You are also provided with expandable raid options where you gain access of adding more drives providing you
additional storage space along with fault tolerance.

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Why prefer Server Price India for Web hosting plans?

Looking upon web hosting plans? we provide customers several type of hosting according to the one’s need. We provide Vps Hosting, Windows Vps Hosting.

The reason why you should prefer is because we provide you features which you cannot neglect. We provide you instant setup meaning as soon as you clear up the payment your web hosting and domain name is activated immediately. We provide you constant backups so the users data is not lost and also the data is provided to the user whenever the user needs it. You are provided with 24/7 customer support with our technical team so as soon as you face any difficulty it is cleared at any time. We also guarantee our customers 99.9% server uptime. If the user needs, we also provide private name servers so you can put your own name servers and get the professional look a website is supposed to have.  

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